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Dina Davis decided to be an author at the age of eight. Since then she has been a ‘closet writer’, secretly filling journals with stories, poems, memories and dreams. Dina is a member of the Northern Territory Writers’ Centre, Writing NSW and the Australian Society of Authors.

In 2015 Dina was shortlisted for the NT Literary Awards with her essay ‘Capriccio: the Lost Poems of Ted Hughes’. In 2018 she was a finalist for the fiction award with her short story, ‘Edge’.

Dina lives in the Top End of Australia and the Eastern seaboard of   New South Wales. When not writing, she practices yoga and attends Film Festivals. She holds an MA in English and Linguistics from the University of Sydney.


Latest Posts

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    http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3130338430 I’m humbled and delighted by this review on Goodreads, over a year after publication of ‘Capriccio:A Novel’. So happy readers are still enjoying it.
  • The Three Plagues Down Under
    So far we’ve had fire, flood and now pestilence in Australia. What will be next? “Summer arrives, and the ancient forests that ring Sydney burn, and, above the steady rain of falling cinders, the sun is hidden behind [angry grey] clouds.” Extract from ‘Autumns of Change’ by Liam Pieper, SMH 1/3/2020. Since late Spring 2019 the tragic loss of human […]
  • This Writing Life
    Lately I’ve been reworking my novel, A Dangerous Daughter – hence you haven’t heard from me for quite a while. It’s a never-ending, always changing process of trial and error, good days and bad. Starting a new draft requires courage, determination and a belief that you can do this thing, killing your darlings as you go, silencing your inner critic […]
  • A Poem About Assia
    This poem, re-blogged from whatadriwrites.com/, purported to be written by Assia, expresses succintly the tragic life and death of Assia Gutmann Wevill. Entitled ‘Suicide Sestina’ it begins with a famous couplet by Sylvia Plath, followed by this cry of bitterness and unrequited love from Assia. — Read the poem here:   http://www.whatadriwrites.com/?p=9
  • Capriccio: A Novel eBook: Dina Davis: Amazon.com.au: Books
    Some reviews of my first edition of Capriccio: A Novel: eBook: Dina Davis: Amazon.com.au: Books — Read on http://www.amazon.com.au/Capriccio-Novel-Dina-Davis-ebook/dp/B07GGFXX9G/ref=sr_1_2_twi_kin_1