Guidelines for Randwick Writers’ Group


Our Randwick Writers’ Group has the following simple guidelines:

  • Numbers are limited to five, so that critiqueing is detailed and resiprocal.
  • Most of us are working on a novel or memoir, rather than short stories or poems.
  • We hold fortnightly meetings of two and a half hours, allowing each writer time to give and receive feedbback. One of us is timekeeper, dividing time equally according to how many are present.
  • We rotate venues from house to house as convenient – giving us a private and friendly environment.
  • Word limits of excerpts max 3000 are submitted by the Monday before the meeting, which is held every second Wednesday morning. Submissions can be online, or on hard copy.
  • if desired (and if time) we read aloud one or two pages.
  • We keep feedback constructive, starting with a global review, then a more detailed look atwhat works and what doesn’t,  finishing with  positive suggestions on how to improve our writing.

(See Post on Randwick Writers’ Feedback Guidelines)