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Please feel free to navigate at your leisure, and I hope pleasure, throughout this Blog. This is how:

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To read bits of my my upcoming  novel ‘Capriccio‘, click on EXCERPTS on the menu bar.

‘ Capriccio’ can mean ‘whimsical’ (at the whim of fate) and ‘horror’ ( literally ‘hair standing on end’ in ‘Old Italian.) Both Fate and Horror are major themes in my novel, which is a work of fiction based closely on fact. 

My title comes from a series of 20 poems by Ted Hughes, published in 1990 in a limited print run. They deal with his relationship with Assia Wevill, the woman for whom he left Sylvia Plath.

 Watch this space for excerpts!

 I am also convenor of the Randwick Writers’ Group, a locally based forum, limited to five members, who meet fortnightly in each others’ homes. The feedback we give each other is meticulous and constructive, and has been invaluable to me in completing my manuscript.


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