Randwick Writers’ Feedback Guidelines

  • The Sandwich Analogy: Say something positive before something negative, then finish on the positive or how to make it better.
  • Give the positives first and say what works for you. Give the negatives next, and say what doesn’t work for you, and lastly, how you think it could be made better.
  • Take on the task of critiquing with a positive and helpful intention; read carefully, trying to understand the writer’s point of view and creative goal.
  • Consider the basic issues of narrative structure, characterisation, evocative and atmospheric language, vivid setting and believable dialogue.
  •  Be honest in your feedback; the writer needs guidance, not niceties!


  • Be prepared to receive negative, as well as positive, feedback.
  • Separate the personal from the product, and see feedback as a valuable opportunity to improve your writing.
  • While receiving verbal feedback, try not to interrupt the speaker.
  • Be ready to respond to negative feedback, after speaker has finished. Give your reasons for your opinion.
  • Rewrite your work in accordance with the feedback received, and see if it is better. If not, stick to your guns!
  • A sure sign that you can write is that you keep going after knockbacks.

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