The writing zone.



How do you get yourself into ‘the writing zone?’ Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening writer? Or, like me, are you a procrastinator, unable to start writing until the house is clean, beds made, washing up done? For someone who hates housework, I manage to find it an attractive alternative to facing the blank page, or screen. Yet I’m never happier than when I’m writing. I find going for a walk or swim, practicing yoga, or having a deadline all help me to be in the ‘zone’. How about you?

Kev McCready, in a guest post on Lee Kofman’s blog, has this to say:

‘When is the right time to write? I would say firstly your mental conditions have to be in order. Not necessarily your mental health (though that is important), but you need to know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. That’s what a good writing thought process is: slow, but worth the waiting. Bad writing is a cup of instant coffee: quick, cheap, available everywhere and ultimately unsatisfying.

Currently we are bombarded by information, every second of every day. But writers need some time to sit still and connect to themselves. To achieve this, my tips are: meditation, using the classic ‘rice bowl’ position; a long hot bath; a walk round the park, or down a beach. When you are in ‘The Zone’, as I call it, then you are ready.’

What are your tips for being in the Zone?