Hints on getting published




How important is it to follow submission guidelines when approaching  traditional publisher?

If you decide to approach a traditional publisher, the NSW Writers’ Centre offers the following guidelines:

‘Submitting a manuscript in a genre outside the publisher’s list is a big mistake – automatic rejection. Not providing information requested, or incomplete information, or in the form requested, means the publisher can’t assess the submission properly. For example, don’t tease the publisher with a blurb when they’ve asked for a full synopsis. A submission that ‘bends the rules’ suggests the author is unable to follow instructions or doesn’t care what the publisher wants. No matter how compelling the writing, in the back of a publisher’s mind is the question, is this author someone we want to work with?’

(courtesy NSW writers Centre newsletter)

For more information, including courses on how to get published, see the NSW Writers Centre website at http://www.nswwc.org.au

However, should you wish to join the many writers of today who decide to self-publish, there is excellent advice on Anne Skyvington’s Blog  http://write4publish.com