Cilento Independent Publishers

Capriccio: A Novel

‘Capriccio: a Novel’, the story of the woman who came between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes, is published by independent Sydney-based publishing house, Cilento. They gave me all the professional services of a commercial publisher, and so much more. My manuscript went through a rigorous editing and proofeading process. I was offered the same services as a mainstream publisher, and retained far more control  every step of  the way. I cannot speak highly enough of the friendly, timely and professional services I received from Cilento.

To honour the publication of “Capriccio: a Novel” I have set up this website, with help from Evan Shapiro, Director of Cilento. Here you will find excerpts, articles, and background information.

Unlike ‘vanity’ publishers, Cilento will not publish a book unless it meets their criteria, and until it has undergone a rigorous editing process. The author works closely with the publisher, to achieve the best possible…

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