Sharing Writing Skills: a collaborative work by Randwick Writers’ Group, published by Ginninderra Press, March 2020.

I am proud to introduce you to our new publication, Sharing Writing Skills. As the title

implies, this book is the result of six members of the Randwick Writers Group sharing

their thoughts, ideas, feedback and above all, their Writing, from early drafts to the

finished product. Read how working with the group has changed each author’s work,

polishing and revising draft after draft. Share with us the strategies, methods and

skills that have brought our writing to publishable standards. Buy now from the

publisher (see below) or as an e-book from most online bookshops.

Endorsement by Thomas Keneally:
‘ We are social animals, but our creativity sometimes demands we withdraw into loneliness to write the work that only as individuals we can do. This tension between necessary solitude and our social and communal creative needs is the trigger for a Writers’ Group, like this one, one in which we confront our common problems and share our work so that we can go into the cockpit of writing with greater courage and greater certainty.
Book info
Title: Sharing Writing Skills
    • ISBN:
      Paperback 978 1 76041 891 5
    • Authors:
      Dina Davis, Garth Alperstein, Susan Beinart, Helene Grover, Anne Skyvington, Geraldine Star
                 Dina Davis, Susan Beinart
    • Publisher:
      Ginninderra Press
    • Publish Date:

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