Capriccio: A Novel 2nd edition. A new review

Latest Review of ‘Capriccio: A Novel’

I knew the story about Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath but to read about Assia, and get the rest of the story was quite amazing. You write so well. The characters come alive making the reader understand them and their motives. Throughout the book you maintain the tension making it a real page turner. The number of times I thought I’d put it down as soon as a section was finished only to hear myself saying “I”ll just find out what happens next”. The research, the sense of place, the individual voices, the passion and sorrow all combine to make ‘Capriccio’ a wonderful, truly memorable read. The final pages had me in tears.

Anonymous Reader  24 May 2020

I was moved and grateful to receive this review from a reader who had purchased the new, second edition of my novel based on the life of Assia Gutmann Wevill. It is heartwarming to receive such a response two years after this book was published. Knowing it has given enjoyment and food for thought for even one person means more to me than all the awards in the world. This is not to diminish the honour of being one of three finalists for the fiction award in the NT Chief Minister’s Awards; naturally I am thrilled and not a little surprised! It is so important for writers to receive such affirmation of their work. Thank you dear readers, and the NT Writers’ Board for accepting my nomination. 



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