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Dina Davis decided to be an author at the age of eight. Since then she has been a ‘closet writer’, secretly filling journals with stories, poems, memories and dreams. Dina is a member of the Northern Territory Writers’ Centre, Writing NSW and the Australian Society of Authors.

In 2015 Dina was shortlisted for the NT Literary Awards with her essay ‘Capriccio: the Lost Poems of Ted Hughes’. In 2018 she was a finalist for the fiction award with her short story, ‘Edge’.

Dina lives in the Top End of Australia and the Eastern seaboard of   New South Wales. When not writing, she practices yoga and attends Film Festivals. She holds an MA in English and Linguistics from the University of Sydney.


Latest Posts

  • A Dangerous Daughter
    How Writing helped Me Survive.   It is only recently that scientists have discovered that anorexia nervosa is genetic, not, as presented in the popular media, a life choice. Nevertheless sufferers are often still blamed for bringing the illness on themselves, compassion goes to the patients’ families, rather than to the sufferer herself. My work-in-progress, A Dangerous Daughter, is a […]
  • Tales from the Past
    My grandmother, 1869 – 1941, from a sketch by my father My Grandmother She was my grandmother but I never knew her. Born in Russia, she spoke no Russian, only Yiddish. In those days Jews were second-class citizens in Russia, forbidden to speak the national language. She and her family were persecuted and despised, for no reason except that they […]
  • The Original Capriccio
    In his article on the original Capriccio (Ted Hughes Society Journal Vol 8 Issue 2) Steve Ely discusses both the importance of the engravings by Leonard Baskin, and the relevance of Assia Wevill  to the poetry. I found this article fascinating in Ely’s description of the collaboration between Hughe and Baskin. However I found it unsympathetic to Assia, describing her […]
  • The Writing of Capriccio
    THE WRITING OF CAPRICCIO I have written three completely different versions of this novel, over fifteen years, each of the three entailing many drafts. The first was called simply ‘Assia’, and was based on what I then knew of her life. Most of my information came from scholarly works on Hughes or Plath, plus a study of Hughes’s poetry. A […]
  • Balcony Fever
    The following is a short piece I contributed to the Covid19 Blog “Balcony Fever” https://balconyfever.com/author/pjn1920/page/2/ Balcony Fever Only a week into my fellowship at Cité Internationale des Arts and we’re in lockdown. Just my luck. Who would’ve thought this virus could attack Paris, of all places? The City of Love, where people entwined in the street, or on the Métro, […]